NDP Leadership: Guy Caron Secures Three Major Endorsements

Long time NDP MP from Saskatchewan, Lorne Nystrom; former Quebec NDP MP, Rosane Doré Lefebvre and the Co-chair of Canada’s Young New Democrats, Lia Storey-Gamble, throw their support behind Caron                  

Ottawa, July 11, 2017 - Hours before the next debate, Guy Caron announced three major endorsements for his NDP leadership campaign. Lorne Nystrom, Rosane Doré Lefebvre and Lia Storey-Gamble have each declared their enthusiastic support of Mr. Caron's candidacy.

Party stalwart and long time NDP MP from Saskatchewan, Lorne Nystrom, is impressed with the quality of Guy Caron's campaign.

“What the NDP needs right now is someone who can bring the party together in every part of the country. Guy not only understands Quebec, but understands every part of the country. Guy's message will resonate in 2019 in Saskatchewan and beyond,” said Mr. Nystrom.

Former NDP MP for Alfred Pellan, Québec, Rosane Doré Lefebvre is convinced Guy Caron is best positioned to lead the party.

"Across the country, people are seeing what I saw, sitting with Guy in the NDP caucus. Guy is warm, authentic and understands progressive ideas inside and out. Guy has done his homework and he’s ready to lead, " added Ms. Doré Lefebvre.

Co-chair of Canada’s Young New Democrats, Lia Storey-Gamble is enthusiastic about Guy Caron’s vision for Canada's youth.

“As a young person, I want to hear real solutions and a concrete plan for the future.  Guy's basic income proposal and tax reform will help provide support for students like me. Guy gets it and that's why I support him,” said Ms Storey-Gamble.

Coming from Quebec and Saskatchewan, the three new endorsements also represent three generations of New Democrats. The support validates Guy Caron’s tireless work to unite Quebec’s progressives if all ages with those in the rest of the country - which, Caron asserts, is so essential to the success of the New Democratic Party.

"I am extremely proud of these endorsements from three important figures in our party. Lorne, Rosane and Lia represent three generations of New Democrats from different parts of Canada. It's more validation of what I see on the ground when I travel the country to talk with Canadians: our campaign continues to gain momentum," affirmed Caron.