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I've been fighting my whole life to build
a more prosperous and progressive Canada.

My path has taken me from my hometown of Rimouski, Quebec - a deeply francophone town - to jobs across the country.

I was the first francophone National Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students. I was involved with the CFS in the mid '90s fighting tooth and nail against the Liberal cuts of the Chretien government.

I was in the trenches working with the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers union fighting to save pensions when Abitibi-Bowater was trying to take them away.

I worked with the Council of Race Relations in the period right after 9/11 - where I saw first hand the explosion of Islamophobia that took place in our country.

And of course, after joining Jack’s leadership team in 2002 I took it upon myself to build the NDP in my hometown of Rimouski and eastern Quebec.

This video tells the story of my experience and how it has well prepared me to be the next NDP Leader.