NDP Leadership: Guy Caron Secures a Major Endorsement

Former British Columbia MP Jean Crowder throws her support behind Caron

Ottawa, June 13, 2017 - Guy Caron announces a major endorsement for his NDP leadership campaign. Jean Crowder has declared her enthusiastic support of Mr. Caron's candidacy.
Former MP for Nanaimo-Cowichan and one-time NDP Aboriginal affairs critic, Jean Crowder is impressed with the quality of Guy Caron's campaign. His strong and innovative proposals like Basic Income to eliminate poverty and an aggressive plan for electoral reform show a fierce will to act. 

“Guy possesses a unique combination of passion and depth. He’s done the homework and is ready to lead. He is the best person to rally Canadians behind forward-thinking ideas and real action,” said Ms. Crowder.

Coming from  British Columbia, the support Ms. Crowder is invaluable and serves to validate Guy Caron’s tireless work to unite Quebec’s progressives with those in the rest of the country - which, Caron asserts, is crucial to the success of the New Democratic Party.
"I am extremely honored that Jean Crowder, an important figure in our party, supports my candidacy. It’s a concrete demonstration of my capacity to unite Quebec progressives to like minded people across the country. It's also a validation of what I see on the ground when I travel the country to talk with Canadians: Our campaign is gaining momentum," said Caron.