Electoral Reform

Justin Trudeau blithely lied to Canadians and progressives by promising that 2015 would be the last election fought under the current voting system. In an act of unprecedented cynicism, they simply turned their backs on that promise. My government would change our electoral system so that each vote really counts

Guy Caron's plan has four elements:

1. Once elected NDP Leader, electoral reform will be a firm commitment by the NDP in the next election.

2. Once elected to form government, the first bill introduced in the House by the NDP will change our voting system by establishing a Mixed-Member Proportional system with regional lists.

3. After two electoral cycles under the new system, a referendum will be held so that Canadians can weigh in on, and ratify the new voting system.

4. In case of a minority government following the 2019 general election, electoral reform will be a prerequisite for any potential alliance.