Quebec MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau Endorses Guy Caron

MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau joins Crowder, Charlton in supporting Caron

Ottawa, June 20, 2017 - Today, Guy Caron announced yet another major endorsement for his NDP leadership campaign: Ruth Ellen Brosseau has declared her enthusiastic support of Mr. Caron's candidacy.

MP for Berthier-Maskinongé, Ruth Ellen is impressed with the quality of Guy Caron's campaign. "When Guy came to meet with members in my riding, folks really appreciated his authenticity, his down to earth personality and his warmth in engaging with people," said Ms. Brosseau.

Like Ms. Brosseau, Guy Caron represents a riding in rural Québec. He has always been a staunch defender of the concerns of rural Canadians. Whether it's advocating for family-owned farms, supporting dairy producers or demanding adequate broadband coverage in rural Canada, Guy Caron understands the importance of the land in rural Canadians' lives across the country.

"I support Guy Caron because he understands the realities of rural Québec. He has done the work and he is ready to lead. I believe he is the candidate who is best positioned to unite our forces everywhere around the country," said Ms. Brosseau.

Ms. Brosseau's endorsement, combined with the support of former BC MP, Jean Crowder and former Ontario MP, Chris Charlton, serves to validate Guy Caron's tireless work to unite Quebec's progressives with those in the rest of the country - which, Caron asserts, is so crucial to the success of the New Democratic Party.

"I am extremely honoured that Ruth Ellen Brosseau supports my candidacy. She is one the most popular figures in our party and a fierce defender of farmers.  Her endorsement is yet another demonstration of my capacity to unite progressives in Quebec with like-minded people across the country. It's also a validation of what I see on the ground when I travel to meet with Canadians: our campaign is gaining momentum," said Caron.