Join the Basic Income Action Team

Guy Caron has put his plan for a progressive Basic Income for all Canadians at the centre of his bid to become the next leader of Canada's NDP.

Across the globe, the concept of providing every person with the basic money needed for food, shelter and clothing is taking root. Poverty is not inevitable. It is the direct result of neoliberal political choices made decade after decade. It doesn't have to be this way.

In order to take the national discussion on Basic Income to the next level, Guy Caron must be the next leader of the NDP. 

To help make that happen, join the Basic Income Action Team.

Action Team members will receive a Digital Campaign Toolkit. They will also help to:

  1. Provide input to Guy's campaign to help spread the word about Basic Income 
  2. Sell memberships to get Guy elected
  3. Promote Guy's Basic Income plan with shareable pieces for social media 

Your help is essential in getting Guy Caron elected as leader of the NDP and making Basic Income a reality for all Canadians. Let's make it happen!


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