About Guy Caron

A Progressive Economist from Rimouski

  • Has worked in the student movement, the labour movement and civil society organizations across the country. Holds a Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Ottawa.  
  • Long-time NDP activist in Quebec, was part of Jack Layton's 2003 leadership campaign
  • A 2-term MP, served with distinction as Critic for Finance, Industry and Natural Resources.

A Progressive economic plan 

  • Activist vision for Canadian growth and job creation : promote an aggressive innovation agenda based on sustainable development.
  • Overhauling Canada's Tax System: it's time to crack down on white collar criminals and tax havens. We need a progressive tax code that promotes productivity while ensuring that everybody pays their fair share.
  • Trade deals that work for Canadians : time to lead with strength and conviction. Trade is good, when the deals are done right. 

Guy's values

Staunchly progressive
Believes that big change is needed - the banks and oil patch have been in charge for too long. Poverty and inequality are not inevitable. We need an economy for the people.

Policy matters
Achieving big change demands clear and specific proposals. Opposition must come with rigorous proposition.

Tenacious and driven
Battled hard in the NDP lean years in QC before breaking through in 2011. Knows that the toughest fights are the most important to win. Was one of 3 NDP MPs in QC to have their vote go up in the LPC landslide in 2015

Rooted in Rimouski
Living the values of inclusion, equality and empathy instilled by his parents. Married for 11 years to Valerie. Proud father of Dominic (8) and Edith (5).